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The Best Hiking Trails in Telluride

Fall Hike Favorites

There is nothing we like more than a hike during fall foliage in the San Juan Mountains. The crisp morning air pairs perfectly with warm, midday sun and colorful aspens. As with all hiking adventures, make sure you are fully prepared for changing mountain weather, know your route, and have a plan in case of emergency. Here are a few of our favorite fall trails.


Almost the entire length meanders through striking aspen groves making it a quintessential highlight of fall. Our preferred route takes you from west to east, finishing on the new Eider to Mill Creek Connector Trail (with stunning views of the Telluride valley). Shorten the route by hiking down Eider Creek Trail or extend all the way to town on the Mill Creek section.


If you like heightened views and all-day hiking, this is the trail for you. We recommend a clockwise approach, starting from Mill Creek Road, hiking up Mill Creek, to Deep Creek, and connecting onto Sneffels Highline and ultimately down the Jud Wiebe. Autumn hues perfectly match the surrounding rock features and topography. Plus, we have a bit of nostalgia for early mornings in a puffy.


This trail is one of our favorites for a quick hike during the week. Ascend through towering aspens near the trailhead and tops out with quintessential views of Telluride, Ajax, and the gondola. We typically start in Mountain Village and hike uphill, but it’s perfect for a leisurely downhill jaunt.


Bridal Veil Basin is a local favorite with spurs to various destinations. If you have never been to Lewis Mill, fall is the perfect time of year to explore this historic mining boarding house. The Mill, originally constructed in 1910, was recently restored and is a must-see. Hike past the Mill to check out Lewis Lake and imagine Telluride’s historic mining past. You can drive up Bridal Veil Road or make a longer trek by utilizing the Bridal Veil Trail.

Whether you are seeking the perfect fall hike or exploring Telluride’s renowned real estate opportunities, my team is here to guide you every step of the way. We are your local guides to the best of Telluride, blending mountain knowledge with high-end living. Get in touch any time for more info on hiking routes or to explore your perfect Telluride property (get started with your search here).

Telluride Mountain Club

Giving back to the Telluride community is an important part of my business. The Telluride Mountain Club is a nonprofit I support because I believe in their vision to help make Telluride a better place to recreate outdoors. They are instrumental in trail maintenance and new trail planning/building for the region. I encourage you to learn more at